Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shifting Gears - Broad Strokes

It's been a while since I posted anything new. Maybe it has something to do with the chaining of the seasons that has me a bit off. Or it could be the poor lighting at my evening meals that doesn't produce great photos. The truth is I just haven't been feeling inspired to write lately. Not out of lack of motivation or inspiration, but lack organization (of my thoughts).

I started this blog as a means to share the information and experiences found on my journey to superb health and wellness in hopes that it can help other seekers along their path.  The challenge lies in trying to convey several years worth of trials and success in a few blog posts! There was a brief moment when I considered writing a book (and maybe that will happen later) but I don't love writing and I have a preference towards details and digressions. It is this overwhelming desire to share with others what I have found that stops me in my tracks. Because my initial approach does not match my aspirations. The good news is, I have a plan! The new model for this blog, that I feel will be more successful at accomplishing my goal of getting fellow seekers up to speed, came to me just now as I was writing! Mahalo ke Akua!

In drawing, the method is to first capture the general form and space by using broad strokes. Later you refine them with more detail. This is a practical approach often applied to the art of writing, although I find it is often more difficult to curb one's voice to a methodical approach. Long story short, this blog will be undergoing some modifications that include more broad strokes which will cover the basics. The fine lines and details will be around, but shall play second fiddle to the basics.

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