Saturday, March 19, 2011

Iodine Talk || Everyone's Doing It || Tasty Tea Recipe w/ Seaweed

Goji Berry & Seaweed Tea

Since even the mainstream media is covering iodine, I'll share with you what a trick that I'm using to boost my seaweed intake! As you may have heard, iodine found is found in sea salt, sea vegetables and seafood -- most notably in sea vegetables like seaweeds!

Fortunately for the Japanese, seaweed and seafood is a very important part of the Japan's diet! :-) I love seaweed and sea food and live on an island, so I eat more seafood and seaweed than the average American.

You can find seaweed in your local health food store or in the "Asian" isle at your local grocery store. As with all things look for minimally processed products: wild, raw, un-toasted. Look for seaweeds that look like dried plants!

Radioactivity protection aside (from certain types of radioactive particles -- iodine isotopes), iodine is a common deficiency in the American diet. Pregnant women especially need adequate iodine in their diets!  Seaweed is also rich in essential vitamins and minerals, as are goji berries!

If you're open and curious you can try out this recipe:

  • Warm water
  • Goji Berries
  • Seaweed (Raw Prefered)
    • Limu
    • Kelp
    • Wakame
    • Dulse
    • Nori
    • Kombu

For about 32 oz of warm water I used one handful of goji berries and 4 inches of kombu strip cut in half length wise and tied in a knot. Seaweed tied in a knot is a traditional Japanese way to eat wild-dried-seaweed in soups.

It only takes a little bit of warm water to start the tea brewing.

After the tea has steeped a while, you may add in more water and let it keep steeping it looks cloudy.

Now your tea is done!

You can eat the contents or strain it out!

I think I'll be adding my soaked berries and seaweed to a nice ginger-miso dressing!

You could also puree soaked berries and seaweed and feed it to your babies and/or pets!

*Highly Recommended!*

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  1. Agreed, seaweed surprisingly tastes good, and is good for you, esp. in these times.