Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Avocado? In pudding?! Wha? 

I know, I know, I know! Trust me it's ooono! 

The avocado give the chocolate pudding an oh-so-ono fattyness that you gotta taste. You can make a simple basic chocolate pudding for a couple bucks and some change or less

Not all fat is gonna make you fat. Actually, the right kinds of fat will actually help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight and help you prevent all kine of diseases. (I'll be covering more on this issue on other posts on this blog).

In the video I show you what and how to make a basic version and a next-level version with some ono additions that are great for you! This pudding is totally guilt free! (Unless you eat the whole thing by yourself and don't share! - I always feel a lil guilty when I do that.. hahaahah:-D)

Basic Ingredients:  
  • avocado
  • banana
  • cacao powder 
  • water/fresh coconut water
  • sea salt
Optional Ingredients:

About the ingredients:
  • Avocado is a superstar nutritious good for everyone - is loaded with good fats that your body needs. Great for anyone with any kine heart problems like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. The fat also will help your body absorb other nutrients too. Cost about $1-3 at farm market depending on time of year and size. Always a chance you can gather or receive these for free if you are lucky!
  • Banana stay good for the heart too an supposed to soothe ulcers. 
  • Coconut water is similar to our bodies chemistry and is easliy absorbed which makes it good for stay hydrated, removing toxins, and even for pass kidney stones. Hoy!
  • Cacao (whole chocolate) is pretty much a miracle food with more reasons to eat it than I can even list! Besides from being full of the feel-good-love chemical PEA and being an aphrodisiac is good for the heart, bones, and full of antioxidants (which protect your cells/body against "rust"/damage). Just be aware it is a mild stimulant, for those of you who don't consume caffeine try not to eat too much at night (unless you are planning on stayin' up ;-). (BTW the kine chocolate you find at the checkout in the supermarket or gas station stay choke with sugar which cancels out any good chocolate effects. So go for the primo kine).
  • Coconut get good fats which actually can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight and provide long lasting energy. Good for soo much check out the link. Plus, if you live HI get plenty coconuts around for free! Au'rai
  • Chia Seeds are full of good fats and don't go bad like some other seeds. Also, they hold moisture and help keep you hydrated as well as slowing down the release of sugar into your bloodstream (which is good for diabetics - don't mean you should use that as an excuse to eat more sweets!). They gel when wet and help keep things gently moving through your digestive system.
  • Hemp Seeds are mild tasting lil buggahs that get plenty more good fats that your body needs and are not gonna make you fat and a complex protein mix = good!
The coconut water, banana and avocado get plenty potassium which is good for the heart and for help with muscle cramping. The hemp and chia seeds provide some protien and the avocado, coconut, hemp and chia seeds provide a good dose of fats making this pudding one good snack for eat after one work out! Yesss!


  1. Looks like some good stuff! Wonder if people on the mainland will be able to find cacao and coconut butter.

  2. I think so, it just depends where you look. Health food stores have a lot of variety and in the land of Whole Foods (the Mainland) it shouldn't be too much of a struggle. They can get the stuff on the Live Dis Life amazon shop found in the right hand toolbar.