Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Weekend Before School Starts!

School starts back up on Monday for the year so, get your kids, nieces, nephews, brother, sisters, or grand kids together for the last days of summer fun before school is back in session!

This weekend let the keiki choose what activity they like, and encourage them to pick an outdoor one because they're going to be stuck sitting in a classroom soon enough! Be sure and remind them of that :-)

Mauka Activities:

   * Hunting
   * Fishing
   * Hiking
   * Gathering Plants or Fruits (it's still plum season in Koke'e until August 11th)
   * Swimming
   * Play make-believe with your kids and encourage them to keep moving!
   * Mountain biking
   * Horseback riding

Makai Activities:

   * Surfing
   * Swimming
   * Boogie Boarding
   * Stand up Paddle Board
   * Skim Boarding
   * Body Surfing
   * Free Diving
   * Snorkeling
   * Fishing (Walk or hike to your favorite spots. Make it an adventure :-)
   * Foot Races on the Beach
   * Hoe Wa'a (paddling)
   * Play Catch
   * Volley Ball
   * Soccer
   * Football
   * Collect Shells

Town, Neighborhood, and Other Activities:

   * Soccer
   * Basketball
   * Baseball
   * MMA
   * Football
   * Window Shopping (Be sure to keep moving and try to walk more and take the stairs!)
   * Dance
   * Riding Bikes

Plan a family picnic and pack real foods!

   * Skip the sodas and juice packs and opt for water (preferably from home in glass or stainless steel  bottles) or find a lovely bunch of young coconuts!
   * Fruits for snacks
   * Dark Chocolate (at least 70%)
   * Nuts
   * Green salads
   * Left over steamed or grilled fish (or grill your catch at the beach)
   * Poke
   * Boiled organic eggs
   * Organic cheeses
   * organic veggies, like celery, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, fresh local sweet corn, avocados!
   * Lau lau with wild pig or fish
   * Crack open some mature coconuts and enjoy as much as you can eat!
   * And any other whole food items
   * -- Avoid packaged snacks and foods even if they seem healthy (unprocessed food is better for you and less ʻōpala!)

Most of all have fun!!

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