Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Healthy Kine Local Grindz : ) !!!

Food is a part of everyone's life, for better or for worse. In my house we give plenty of aloha to our kaukau before, during and after we enjoy it.

It starts before the gathering takes place, we get a feeling, an inspiration, a kahea to gather a particular thing or another. Gathering is always a happy and joyful experience done with respect and reverence, never to be done greedily, always leaving back what we do not need.

Preparation: transporting, cleaning, preparing, cooking, and presentation are also pleasant and special tasks and much care and attention goes into each step. All throughout the whole process we give thanks and aloha to what the 'aina or others have gifted us, being grateful to be able to receive (and share our gifts).

When the time comes to eat, there is so much affection and love in our food it is almost a shame to eat something so lovely. Many times we take photographs of our food gifts during the different stages of gathering and preparation.

Imma share some photos taken from a bunch of different meals with y'all cuz I know you're wondering what I eat!

Delicious plums fresh picked from Koke'e.
Beautiful 'ulu gifted to my BF after he give kokua to one friend.

More photos after the jump :D !!

Ono with just HI chili pepper, garlic and salt boiled/steamed.
Eat with coconut oil or grass-fed butter! O-N-O, ono!
A simple green salad with sharp organic raw cheddar cheese and wild caught sardines packed in olive oil.
Pesto and Flax Crackers
Gifted a friend some of our cooked 'ulu and recieved some big juicy lychee in return.
Yummy wild blackberries.

Blackberry Smoothie

The BEST cheeseburgers around! All grass-fed fresh Kaua'i beef patties on sprouted grain English muffins with stone ground mustard, local organic lettuce and avocado with organic raw milk jack cheese! Soo ONO!

The Mmm-money shot!

Hope you enjoyed looking at some examples of the ono and healthy grindz you can find around the islands! If you're not in the 808 don't be discouraged, start a garden and check out your local farm markets and health food stores and get in the kitchen!

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