Monday, August 2, 2010

Easy, Easy Stir-Fry under $5 per person!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, my BF and I love our food! Lucky for you we take some pretty decent photos to share our meals and our inspirations with you folks : ).

Here's a look at our Sunday supper. Nothing really special just a stir-fry that we could have whipped up on any weeknight. That's the nice thing about stir-fry can make dinner really fast if you need to. Okay so let's talk ingredients! (Click "Read more" below for the whole recipe.)

For the veggies we have organic all Kaua'i grown broccoli, carrots, red bell peppers, mung bean sprouts and our own homegrown pineapple! (I'll put pics up of the pineapple we harvested later this week :)

 Then we have some soo ono Kaua'i raised steak cubed (100% grass-fed raised w/o hormones or anti-biotics = happy & healthy cows = happy & healthy you!). When we eat steak we like to eat porterhouse.. mmmmMMmmm!

For the seasoning, we used Kaua'i grown ginger, imported black pepper, garlic and unfortunately an imported onion (I was out of local ones and forgot to look at market this week.  Auwe!) and my favorite Nama Shoyu, which is the best soy sauce you've never tasted! Look for it in your local health food store and be prepared to shell out some change (worth every penny!).

All cooked in deelicious raw coconut oil! (chose raw or cold pressed when buying). Click here to see why "vegetable oil" is no good for you!


While we were enjoying our yummy supper we did some calculating and figured that our meal cost us under $5 per person (and that's using top quality steak and ingredients)! Even with the fancy shoyu and oil, those costs per person wouldn't amount to much $ at all :)

We started with our onions, garlic and ginger and coconut oil in the pan, after a couple minutes of stirring, added the broccoli and carrots, then the steak and lastly the peppers and pineapple adding a spoon of oil with each addition stirring the whole time. At the end we added the shoyu, turned off the fire and served promptly. For the mung beans we just placed those in our bowls and put our servings on top! Pau!

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