Friday, August 6, 2010

Juice Worth the Squeeze

Found a great article (link found at the end of this post) from the folks over at Food Matters on the subject of cleansing. I subscribe to their newsletter and check out the articles that catch my eye.

Juice cleansing is a subject that has two sides to the story, one healing and the other scary! Sadly, enough some pretty dangerous cleanses have become popular fads that are super high in sugar and involve not eating for a long period of time! I'm not here to bash the folks out there practicing or promoting that variety of cleansing or fasting, but if you are curious about juicing or cleansing there are other options.

The article from Food Matters discusses the powerful and potent vegetable and herb based juices that are more on the medicinal side (a little harder to swallow, but super effective! -- the article also discusses ways to make your juice a little more tasty if you like).  Juice is a wonderful way to help transition into healthier eating habits and will refresh your body from the inside out! Or, if you are already on healthy and clean diet fresh juices are a great way to keep you clean and vibrant!

What do you get from fresh juice versus canned or bottled stuff? Think of it as the difference between jumping in the ocean compared to putting salt in a bath tub! Fresh juice is full of enzymes that revitalize you on a cellular level (which you can feel!) and oxygen allowing your cells to BREATHE a sigh of relief! (If you're interested in cleansing, detox, or raw foods, check out Natalia Rose's book "Raw Food Detox Diet" available in the Live Dis Life Store.)

One thing the article doesn't explain, is how you can "juice" if yo don't have a juicer. What you do is put your ingredients in the blender with some water and a pinch of sea salt and buzz those babies until the water turns colors and the bits are really small. Then you can use a strainer or cheese cloth to carefully pour out your juice. Squeeze the pulp until you have a hard time getting any more liquid out. Pau! You can toss the pulp in the compost or I give it to my doggy (if the pulp isn't too rough) with a little bit of coconut milk stirred in!

Juicing is great and I encourage everyone to try out some fresh juice today!  Click Here for the link to the full article!

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