Friday, August 13, 2010

My Chemical Shower

It's time for my shower filter to be replaced and I just can't wait to get it! My skin and hair are so soft and smooth when the chlorine is not in the water!

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I didn't used to be concerned about chlorine or other chemicals in my water, until I read that chlorine can be toxic to your thyroid and that our bodies absorb more chlorine (and other chems) in the shower than from drinking water! I guess it makes sense our skin soaks up anything we put on it and it's the largest organ of the body! Since then, I've found that chlorine can aggravate asthma, contribute to heart disease and even cause cancers. Yikes!

Using chlorine as water treatment is very common in the U.S. and has been in much of Europe, although those savvy Europeans are switching to different methods for water treatment and avoiding nasty chlorination. In Kaua'i County our water is only chlorinated and not thankfully not fluoridated too! (Sodium Fluoride is actually not good for you, it's a poison!) If you live elsewhere take some time and find out exactly what they put in your drinking water (it could be killing you slowly).

The best an easiest thing to do is get a filter for your shower. The one I bought (w/o a shower head so I can use the one already in my shower - look on the left hand column) only cost $32.99 (includes shipping to HI) and will last a year! That's under $3 a month for clean and safe showers!

Your other option would be to take baths and let them sit for 15 mins or so before you hop in (keep the bathroom ventilated and stay in another room so you don't breathe the vapors). My shower filter is just to remove the chlorine, for other stuffs you'll have to check the website. I really like it's a helpful website and have good customer service.  When you checkout they have an opt-in option where you can get an email when it's time to change your filter!

You might be wondering what about drinking water? I filter mine with a Berkey and then store in glass bottles in the fridge. You can find Berkey filters at the Live-Dis-Life Store. They've got a large capacity and are lightweight (if you need to transport), durable and require no electricity (good for hurricane or power-outage time).

As always I hope this information gets you thinking and curious about the things I'm talking about. Take everything with a grain of salt and do your own research, don't just take my word for it!

Changing your life and your habits is not a passive process you gotta ACT! I mua!

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