Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's in My Ice Box?

Au'rai, so this is it, my ice box! This photo was taken last week after I got home from the farm market. Check out the details below.

A beautiful sight! Makoa's waiting in his spot, hoping to get a treat!

  • Left bottom drawer: 3 bags of mixed salad greens.
  • Right bottom drawer: some roots like carrots, turnips, beets etc. 
  • Bottom shelf: 4 Japanese cucumbers, 1 bunch radishes, 1 bunch tat soi, 1 savoy cabbage, 3 ears sweet corn, in the bowls: sliced mango and pineapple. 
  • In the small drawer: parts of carrot, cucumber, red bell pepper, 1 bag mung bean sprouts, 1 bag broccoli/clover sprouts, and 2 bags sunflower sprouts. 
  • Middle shelf: 3 mangoes in the back, pitted black olives (bought in sealed bag) stored in jar, green smoothie from the AM, 1 dragon fruit, 1 bunch green beans, 2 bags mixed salad greens. 
  • Top shelf: get 1 jar kim chi, some limes, sliced onions, 1 container fresh limu kohu, 1 container w/ some ono homemade chocolates, 1 container with organic raw milk cheeses, 1 can coconut milk, and 1 large jar of pickled daikon/carrots.
  • In the door: homemade garlic/chili water, large bottle Nama Shoyu, small bottle Nama Shoyu, 1-2 bags hempseeds, 1 jar organic stoneground mustard, 1 bag smoked meat, 1 tin natural wasabi powder, 1 pack raw nori sheets, bee pollen, 1 bottle unrefined sesame oil, 1 nearly empty bottle Shriacha, 1 bottle probiotics, some bags and jars of saved seeds, unopened cheeses,  Kerrygold butter and lots of glass bottles (large and small) of water that get refilled.
  • In the freezer: stay some frozen fruits (especially when get a lot), some fresh caught fish, and a little bit of local pork and beef (but usually get those fresh!), some HI chili's, more limu kohu, and annato seeds.
The BEST butter you can buy on Kaua'i (find it at Safeway) and it's as good as or better than the organic brands (it's also pretty reasonably priced). Kerrygold butter (and cheeses) are made with milk from happy Irish cows who are only pasture grazed and eat 100% grass. This butter is full of goooood fats! I use this for cooking and for coconut and/or chocolate snacks in combination with coconut oil to pack a powerful fatty punch! (always chose grass-fed meats and dairy products).

Right now these bad boys are in my ice box awaiting some attention (grating). Once they're grated I'll probably make some lovely snacks... and maybe a new video!

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