Monday, August 9, 2010

Wow! A week in Food!

I've been photo documenting most of the meals I have and lemme just say this past week has been ONO! I have so many beautiful food shots I wish I could share all the shots and all the angles.. not to mention the dishes themselves! But here's a sample taste of what's been eaten this past week : )

It's been a long time since I made any raw chocolates (with raw coconut oil) and I'm feelin a major comeback! LOVE the fresh shredded coconut! And I don't make these very sweet at all, more better, so I can eat more!

Nothing like some raw veggie nori rolls (no rice!) on a hot day! : )

Packed full of Kaua'i grown veggies: mixed greens, carrot, cucumber, avocado and sprouts. Just need the Nama Shoyu as seasoning. So ONO!

More Photos you don't wanna miss, after the jump!

This dinner menue could have been all raw, but I wanted a cooked flavor, and cooked everything in (100% grassfed) Kerrygold butter.

Sometimes it's nice to have eggs for dinner. Kaua'i grown sweetcorn, green beans, tat soi, raddishes and our own farm fresh range eggs. Awesome!

More butter-cooked-Kaua'i-grown dinners. This time with non-spiny amaranth from our yard (most consider it a weed!) sauteed in butter with salt, pepper and garlic.

The smoked meat is ham-style (ooonooo) from my BF's nephew, Isaac, made with wild piggy. The greens and raddishs are so tasty and succulent we loved this meal.

Here's our big 'ole picnic salad for our Saturday beach day. Again with the Kaua'i grown veggies (except the olives). We use the oil from the sardines as half of our dressing and top with the boiled eggs and the vinegar mix I made in Dressing Deconstructed. We put everything in our cooler and hele makai. After we were done playing and gathering in the sun we feasted on the tailgate of my truck, talk story and watched the ocean : ).

Medium boiled farm fresh range eggs, fresh simple salsa with Kaua'i grown tomato and green onions, and wild caught sardines packed in pure olive oil. (BTW, We only took 4 of the eggs with us to the beach.) I also made some hempseed macnut pesto (from the basil in our yard) that we ate with our cucumber slices! Yummy! You gotta try using cucumber slices as dippers: pesto and guacamole are my favs.

After a successful day gathering at the beach we pan fried the 'aholehole (seasoned only with a little sea salt and garlic) in raw coconut oil (to-live-for!).

We enjoyed our fresh caught fish with the salsa and avocados over a green salad. The coconut oil and the fish was the best. Why cook in anything but coconut oil or butter... the best!

That's how we roll! Hopefully this weeks photos inspire you to get out: garden, gather, buy local grown, and hit up the kitchen!

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